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Ch.Skaijak Little Mynx (Teka)

Female, born 07/05/2008 - Hip Score 4:7. Eye tested Clear

Teka has the most wonderful temperament which she has passed on to her progeny, she won 3 CC’s her 3rd after 9 Res CC’s  coming only 10 days before her daughter Ch Skaijak’s Prediction gained her title. She has 2 champion daughter Prediction and Ch. Skaijak’s Yours Truly.


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Ch. Skaijak Flora (Anja)
Female, born 02/08/2002

Ch. Skaijak Jynx (Jynx)
Female, born 09/03/2005

Ch. Skaijak’s Yours Truely (Gem)
Female, born 02/04/2014

Ch. Skaijak’s Zola (Zola)
Female, born 02/21/2015

Ch.Skaijak Little Mynx (Teka)
Female, born 07/05/2008

Ch.Skaijak Prediction (Tizzy)
Female, born 01/05/2011

Skaijak Jigsaw (Dougal)
Male, born 09/03/2005

Skaijak Phanthom (Jordi)
Male, born 01/05/2011

Skaijak’s Bright N’Bonkers
Male, born 01/21/2017