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Ch. Skaijak Flora (Anja)

Female, born 02/08/2002 - Hip Score 4:4. Eye tested Clear

Anya was a sweet little girl always doing her best to please she won 4 CC’s her fourth being at crufts 2007. She did Heelwork to Music as a youngster and competed in Obedience gaining many placings in Novice. Anja passed on her wonderful temperament to her son and daughter.

AnjaShe only had one litter, and her daughter Ch.Skaijak Little Mynx is one of our dogs.

We lost her at the age of 13 but she lives on in her daughter and grandchildren

Anja winning open bitch class at Crufts in 2007

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Ch. Skaijak Flora (Anja)
Female, born 02/08/2002

Ch. Skaijak Jynx (Jynx)
Female, born 09/03/2005

Ch. Skaijak’s Yours Truely (Gem)
Female, born 02/04/2014

Ch. Skaijak’s Zola (Zola)
Female, born 02/21/2015

Ch.Skaijak Little Mynx (Teka)
Female, born 07/05/2008

Ch.Skaijak Prediction (Tizzy)
Female, born 01/05/2011

Skaijak Jigsaw (Dougal)
Male, born 09/03/2005

Skaijak Phanthom (Jordi)
Male, born 01/05/2011

Skaijak’s Bright N’Bonkers
Male, born 01/21/2017